National Advocacy Groups

Americans for Prosperity (AFP):  Considered very solid on the issues with effective messaging. AFP is one of the best organized of the national groups. They have state directors in many states, including Ohio, which is great for local impact and collaboration. They consistently focus on state based issues and are able to spend time at state capitols with legislators to advocate for their issues.

American Majority:  They are smaller in size than AFP. They fight extremely precise battles through elections and are very effective in what they do. They are an extremely valuable resource and partner for the training of “tea party” people throughout the country. They provide the best on-the-ground information and tools through campaign manager, activist and candidate training.

Campaign for Liberty:  A Ron Paul Friendly group. They are the only advocacy organization that engages every issue through the prism of economic and personal liberty as their primary guide. They focus more on monetary policy than most organizations. They are extremely selective in who they support because of their strict adherence to liberty as a guide.

American Solutions:  Newt Gingrich’s organization, has the ability to work with the media and to get their message out quickly and to a lot of people. They stand for some solid ideas. In 2010, they issued some key endorsements and do advocacy work for a number of candidates. They focus on resources and information sharing with tea party groups.

Other groups to Consider:
Club for Growth
Citizens Against Government Waste
Americans for Tax Reform
National Tax Payers Union